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League of Legends

Hace un año

Ryze scours Runeterra for fragments of a forgotten past, each step bringing him closer to incredible power-and terrible ruin.

Fxuk Hace 11 horas
Ryze = The Last Rune Bender
h e t a ra
h e t a ra Hace 12 horas
is a stone missing
Bojo Naga
Bojo Naga Hace 3 días
Why is nobody talking about the avenger-like movie quality of this cinematic?
Ying yang Yong
Ying yang Yong Hace 3 días
Ryze is elsa confirmed
emelita lingan
emelita lingan Hace 4 días
Wait didnt Lissandra keep the Watchers trapped with True ice?
El Penguino of Mexico
El Penguino of Mexico Hace 5 días
Why is Nasus so small. Smol doggy
DinoKing Hace 3 días
When he unleash the thousand year power ultimate he become huge
Jester Panganiban
Jester Panganiban Hace 6 días
Avengers infinity war season 3 trailer
SonicBoom501 Hace 6 días
Funny I accidentally tapped on this video, one of those times, and I’m happy I’m too lazy to tap away
Andre Marques
Andre Marques Hace 9 días
what a FUS RO DA vibe
Purzple Hace 10 días
Noone is going to question those sharp glass leaves.
sigho1 Hace 11 días
i ve always waited for these cinematics just to read the comment section
Fire Hunterz
Fire Hunterz Hace 12 días
Sona makes me go hnnnnnnnnnngg
Julien Coltharp
Julien Coltharp Hace 13 días
Wow ryze is so small
xD Hace un día
He is human
valentine garcia
valentine garcia Hace 15 días
Someday sona will get the vgu :/
Ignados Hace 20 días
So that's why he calls himself the spam mage
Chrol7o .G
Chrol7o .G Hace 22 días
So ryzze collecting all infinity stones
thatonepanch Hace 25 días
he is like Elsa, just more "letting go" strength
adi farhan
adi farhan Hace 25 días
better riot make a 3 hour movie
nickisan Hace 28 días
Ryze looks sad that no one plays as him anymore
Kaspar Danielsen
Kaspar Danielsen Hace un mes
Ryze does miss the blue Inspiration. Wonder where he will find it.
Sopranoyaro Hace un mes
Nasus player: *let's farm this rock for staccs!*
Yes Hace un mes
Where did the inspiration rune go?
Jensi Oquendo
Jensi Oquendo Hace un mes
Ryze: The World Runes are becoming stronger and more dangerous! They must be contained and never used again! Ezreal: Ooh hey cool stone
fabrizio falcioni
fabrizio falcioni Hace un día
yOU bElONg iN a mUSeUm
Kasimier Hace un mes
the strength to let it go mean like Elza
david gadansky
david gadansky Hace un mes
Almost 2 years later and i still wonder what is Sona doing on Ionia
Diwonne Hunter
Diwonne Hunter Hace un mes
Velkoz feed rep ty
Aris Hace un mes
So not only thanos are collecting the infinity stones
Mạnh Huy 518 29.Trần
Mạnh Huy 518 29.Trần Hace un mes
there are 5 stones. in the last scene, i see 4. so i think he is the one of 5 stones =))
Facundo Andrés
Facundo Andrés Hace un mes
2:56 + 1000 stacks
clickpwn Hace un mes
man, this cinematic was so boring compared to the lol championship cinematics.
Black Rose
Black Rose Hace un mes
Get Will Smith to play Ryze
ZXMFG Hace un mes
Purple dude 4/5 glowy different color stones .... Power... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka Hace un mes
A step ahead of cataclysm
Miguel1118 Hace un mes
Lore is too deep, they could easily make 3 movies about ryze collecting those runes, I want to know how does this end! and which power will ryze get on next rework
Out Knock
Out Knock Hace un mes
Red October
Red October Hace un mes
I wish in the middle of this whole serious, soul-rending video, Sona had ulted and 10 guys just started Disco Fever.
YDGamer Hace un mes
He's like if thanos and kratos had a baby
mustafa yıldırım
mustafa yıldırım Hace un mes
Trundle iş very wild
Jeroen Sentjens
Jeroen Sentjens Hace un mes
Honestly why is no one thinking of turning this into a single player RPG like God of War or the likes? If it would come with this kind of scenery I'd pay good money to play my favorite blue guy like that
Afeigned Goat
Afeigned Goat Hace un mes
4:10 that is what you get when you don't get mr
hairlesscatgiftbasket Hace un mes
Call of Power: Infinity Wars
Platypus Hace un mes
Is that Velkoz?
Anounymous707 Hace un mes
All those stones represent his reworks and how he "let them go"
rirelo Hace un mes
its been 2 years already but i still think this had the greatest animation Riot has done so far, very well balanced and suitable for movies
Nathan Pena
Nathan Pena Hace un mes
I didn't know trundle was that big like I knew he was big but not that big
Cristiano Ronaldo G.O.A.T
Cristiano Ronaldo G.O.A.T Hace un mes
So no one gonna mention that him moving leaves sounds like moving glass?
LAOZ BABY Hace 2 meses
Brand????? 😥
Edwin Ortiz
Edwin Ortiz Hace 2 meses
3:52 Vel'Koz?
Thanet Rattanaburanan
Thanet Rattanaburanan Hace 2 meses
where is the that tree stand .let go and get the rune hehe
Cuba Frank
Cuba Frank Hace 2 meses
His face at the end. Hugh Jackman with abe lincoln beard.
-MiraJ- Hace 2 meses
Looks like whatever he is collecting is in relation to the reforged runes. 5 pillars stand. 4 crystals contained. Sorcery, Precision, Resolve, Domination. Guess he is going to collect Inspiration next
Ammar Faiz
Ammar Faiz Hace un mes
Its inside nunu
Jozier Master
Jozier Master Hace 2 meses
I saw that missing gem RIOT...I saw it...why RIOT.........why??
Luis Angel Espinosa Casas
Luis Angel Espinosa Casas Hace 2 meses
Remember when everyone thought this was the teaser for an animated series?
Shinue Hace 2 meses
Why is the inspiration rune missing tho?
William Faith
William Faith Hace 2 meses
Ryze mains rise up!!
TheBenShow Hace 2 meses
Ryze kinda looks like megamind
8 wing
8 wing Hace 2 meses
Leo Craveiro
Leo Craveiro Hace 2 meses
A being was created from Thanos and Aang and now he's also collecting the Infinity Stones
Cielo Monstere
Cielo Monstere Hace 2 meses
I want yordles story lmao
gijoza qq
gijoza qq Hace 2 meses
Am i the only one whos curious about the 5th stone?
Doom Guy
Doom Guy Hace 2 meses
This is probably the most important cinematic (lorewise). I'm just waiting for a plot twist in ryze's story
TMK_Gaming Hace 2 meses
It looks like mid lane tries to get the red buff no matter what.
Joe Safire
Joe Safire Hace 2 meses
Just realized after reading a comment, the runes are green, yellow, purple, red and one is missing. -> resolve, precision, sorcery, domination and inspiration is missing
My Anime Aperçu
My Anime Aperçu Hace 2 meses
Joe Safire infinity stones*
juan josé calvo rodríguez
juan josé calvo rodríguez Hace 2 meses
A Brand cinematic would be great
NhatAnh0475 Hace 2 meses
"There is a great power in this world. Ancient and forgotten" Yuumi.
Nemesis Hace 2 meses
It's funny how in the lore, the runes can level a whole city, but in game: "+5% movespeed bonus"
Lep GT
Lep GT Hace 2 días
@Burhan Ahmad candy crush
Emilio Núñez
Emilio Núñez Hace 3 días
"Conqueror comes in"
lonnie stanfield
lonnie stanfield Hace 6 días
Wish I can equip gold per second runes in real life.
Yashay Naidoo
Yashay Naidoo Hace 12 días
Nah fam, biscuits 👌👌👌🤣🤣
Nathan Mwema
Nathan Mwema Hace 17 días
Because those are shards. Mere pieces of runes. Just think about how op electrocute or aftershock are. Now that's OP
Jason Shreiner
Jason Shreiner Hace 2 meses
That ending always gives me chills. It brings tears to my eyes.
Net_fish Hace 2 meses
Frozen x avengers looking lit
Greenscyth22 Hace 2 meses
If you can pause it right at 3:15 , when Trundle is walking on two legs you can get a sense of just how big he is. Whats he, about 18 Ft. tall if he were standing up? Scary stuff, not to mention at least two other trolls in the background are just about as tall as Trundle.
Mohammed EL ATTARI
Mohammed EL ATTARI Hace 2 meses
So if every single stone means a form of ryze after reworks , and at the end one stone is missing so that means ... Another ryze rework is coming !!
Micky Nurso
Micky Nurso Hace 2 meses
Is this a avengers:endgame parody?
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs Hace 2 meses
So to collect the runes Ryze did the following: Got it from Gangplank by teaming up with Miss Fortune. Was assisted by Nasus in Shurima, after he triggered a guardian from a ruin or temple. Had to take the one in Ionia from the Kinkou, which is Shen's order. And finally have to go into Trundle's territory, which always ends badly, except for him, apperantly.
xD Hace 2 meses
You forgot green rune from his comics
Bogger Hace 2 meses
Thats pretty cool that they left a spot for the inspiration rune before it even released. Rip kleptomancy tho :'(
martin van schalkwyk
martin van schalkwyk Hace 2 meses
let it go i am not ryze i am thanos league even needs new ideas
ArmYTB Chaine
ArmYTB Chaine Hace 2 meses
4:11 *Ryze in the avatar state*
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Hace 2 meses
Kratos and thanos just had a child
Natale Tarantino
Natale Tarantino Hace 2 meses
Where is Brand? Him was Ryzes friend
Mark Stein
Mark Stein Hace 2 meses
"The only power I have is strength to let it go" -Band Elsa: *Nice joke*
Kuhra Ezah
Kuhra Ezah Hace 2 meses
When he gets mad and defeats the baddie, that's actually 10 Conq stacks activating.
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